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When we saw the Wheelzbarrow™ in the Amish countryside of Winesburg Ohio, we knew it would become a must have for every American wheelbarrow owner. This amazing invention is now revolutionizing the way Americans work on outdoor projects. No more heavy lifting! No more balancing acts! No more plywood ramps! The rear two wheels do the tiresome lifting and balancing, so that you do not have to. Why mess with burdensome plywood ramps when simply pushing down on the EZ Comfort Handle conveniently pops the front wheel up and over minor obstacles? Owning a Wheelzbarrow means that moving heavy objects from one place to another, no longer needs to be a dreaded task. Just load them up in your handy Wheelzbarrow and cart your way to less aches and pains! Do not delay. Pick up the phone now!

The Wheelzbarrow™ showcases the best of Amish innovation and manufacturing prowess.
Order Now! You are not just ordering a Wheelzbarrow™;
you will also own the craftsmanship and the quality assurance
that comes standard with all products crafted by the Amish people.
From cheeses and baked goods to handmade furniture,
Amish made products are sought after the world over.

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Wheelzbarrow Kits

Attention current wheelbarrow owners!

We are pleased to announce the release of the Wheelzbarrow™ in a retro-fit-conversion kit. This brilliant invention turns your average wheelbarrow* into the same amazing three wheel push cart as found in the Wheelzbarrow™ complete kit. Just take your common wheelbarrow*, add the innovative Wheelzbarrow™ retro-fit- conversion kit, and start rolling your way to pain free outdoor projects. It’s a snap to install!

Rest assured, our “hand assembled” manufacturing techniques are unmatched in today’s “made in China” market. Do yourself a favor… pick up the phone and order the Wheelzbarrow™ retro-fit-conversion kit today!

Visit Our Website at www.wheelzbarrow.com to find out more about how our revolutionary product can MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER!

It is no longer a wheelbarrow… It’s a Wheelzbarrow! Call today!